3 Days Congo Nile Trail biking

3 Days
hiking icon Activity Level: 3
2-9 People

Trip overview

This 3 days itinerary hits the famous Congo-Nile Trail. The trail traverses a series of interconnected single paths, dirt roads and biking tracks through Rwanda countryside passing different plantations and villages, some of Africa’s few remaining tropical rainforests and hidden beaches not to mention intimate encounters with locals. Not only is it still a stunning tourA, your visit will also provide vital support for local livelihoods along the trail.

Trip Itinerary

Day 1: Day 1

Upon arrival at Gisenyi or Kibuye you will be picked up by Responsible Travel Africa Representative who will help you with your luggage. (part of your luggage can be send to the final destination). After picking up the bikes, the tour starts

Day 2: Day 2

Continue the tour, during it is possible to experience bee keeping.

Day 3: Day 3

Final Day

Package cost based on two people: $750 per person sharing